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Erotisk kulturhistorie fra Erik Nørgaards billedarkiv. Coproduktion med DR-UHA om udvikling af en international serie. Pilotprogram

Episode 1.  Brief Encounters

It’s the turn of the century in a european capital, an era of gas light and horse drawn carriages. A man about town, a womaniser is drawn along on the wake of two beautiful slightly nervous women.

The artist expresses mans warmest fantasy... the dream of the casual sexual encounter. It only happens however provided you stay within the fantasy world. Only in the secret underground industry of erotic dreams could one allow oneself to be free behind the drawn curtains.

All these quirky tales from the romantic erotic postcard world once had deep meanings which are now lost forever. All the symbols were there, the bottles of champagne, the romantic novels, the woodland lakes, the long firm swans necks and the red, red roses.

Is it realistic....... of course not, but when you can’t grab hold of reality, you can always find “comfort in dreams”.

Erik Nørgaard, writer and collector, has been collecting erotica most of his life. His collection is now regarded as one of the largest in the world. He lives in semi-retirement on the Danish island of Langeland, home to some of Denmark
’s most erotic landscapes.

Brief Encounters is the pilot episode of a 12-200 part series dedicated to erotica.

It is a co-production between DR/TV (Denmarks TV 1) and Wessing Film & TV, Denmark.





Varighed: 11 min

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