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Sorting Things Out
- the mediation method 


- the bhutanese way


The Denmark of Windmills


This is an authentic conflict solving process based on an authentic conflict between two students who has had a violent clash in the school ground.

You will witness the conflict being sorted out according to the mediation method and you will be carefully guided in the five main phases.

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Care the Bhutanese Way (2000) follows a group of experts who are evaluating the Danish government's assistance to the health sector in Bhutan. The film is a unique double eye on the evaluation process, examining the collaboration between the donor and the receiver.

Transmitted in DR-TV
nov. 2002

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The film is an odyssey through old Danish water and windmills holding centuries of technical inventions and development.

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65 minutes


New ship for DAL
Sundhed på Bhutanesisk
Et æble til Abdallah
GNH - The Bhutanese Way
105 søskende og 18 forældre
Odense Film Krønike
Kardinalerne - Danmarks ældste jazzorkester
Byen i bevægelse - En usædvanelig kulturfestival i Odense
Søren Lolk - En ildsjæl fra Tåsinge