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KARMA'S CHAIR - engelsk version

KARMA'S CHAIR - engelsk version

Kr. 275,00

How can it be that some places in the world canít do without chairs?

This is the question
little KARMA from the buddhist Kingdom of BHUTAN in the Himalayas, asks himself after he saw a chair for the first time in his life when he was 10. This is the beginning of a long conflict with KARMAís father, who wants his son to become a monk and teacher in the monastery like himself.  When KARMA wants to give his father a chair, which he has brought from the capital, they are both caught in a strange cultural dilemma.

The story is based on Chuni Dorjiís own story, who acts as young KARMA himself....

This shortfilm is a rare opportunity to be introduced to important aspects of Buddhism, as Bhutan is the only Buddhist country in the world after Chinas occupation of Tibet.


Varighed: 47 min

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